We Can All Become More Empowered Around Mental Illness...
 And In The Process, Provide Better Care To Ourselves And Our Loved Ones.
In this Free Mental Health Resource Kit, You'll Learn...
  •  Proactive Steps For Your Well-Being
  •  How To Care For Your Loved Ones And Yourself
  •  The 11 Warning Signs Of Depression
  •  The Critical Support Resources
Mental Health Advocate
Author Of Breaking Into My Life
Tedx Speaker
Growing up in a verbally abusive home, the dysfunctional side of mental illness  was the backdrop to Michelle's childhood. Caring for her bipolar mother, Michelle  learned to put everyone's needs before hers in order to keep the peace in the house. It wasn't until Michelle found herself on the TEDx stage that she realized that her voice and her story mattered. Today, Michelle specializes in shifting how her audiences and readers relate to brain health through her speeches and her latest book, "Breaking Into My Life."
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